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Richard Branson Likes to Kigu!

on June 08, 2020

Richard Branson recently sported one of our our Lemur Kigus for a spot of tennis with none other than Anna Kournikova. The match came about during Branson’s recent visit to the Cayman Islands where he took part in the Legends Tennis tournament at Camana Bay. The event, which was sponsored by Virgin, saw world greats such as Andy Roddick and Jim Courier pick up a racquet.

As an amateur player competing against the greats, Branson chose to spice up the match by donning a Kigu, he commented: “Don’t take yourself too seriously. Always ask: will this put a smile on people’s faces?” .

After tasting Lemur life, he then went on to try on Anna’s outfit in this eventful game!

You can read more about this on the Virgin website HERE.

You can buy your own Lemur Kigu here.