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Meet Irregular Choice!

on October 30, 2020
Hello Kigu Fans! 

As you might have heard or seen on our social media channels we are excited to announce we are now stocking bags from the iconic brand Irregular Choice.

If you haven’t come across Irregular Choice yet you’re going to fall head over heels for their over the top styles that celebrate the unusual. Irregular Choice have been creating unique and eccentric shoes and bags since 1999 and have consistently garnered praise and attention for pairing quirky styles with a premium quality product.

We felt that Irregular Choice should have a home at Kigu because they share our dedication to detail. We take details like tails, horns and wings extremely seriously in our Kigu’s so it feels right to partner with a brand that presents beautiful details in their products like charms, carvings and fabrics.

We’ve decided to stock their bags because while a lot of our Kigu customers enjoy wearing their Kigus at any given opportunity, a bag gives them the option to add a splash of personality and colour to situations where you can’t wear a onesie. So you can be your own brand of unique at all times.

Thank you again for being part of the Kigu community and we truly hope you love the new line as much as we do.

Follow the link to discover the new range now: